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Hi, my name is Chris and I built this webpage. I have been working in the Vietnam Garment Industry since 2008. My expertise is advising fashion start-ups. I also introduce established brands to factories making shoes, socks, bags, hats etc. Vietnam is small and my network of factories is wide. Let's talk about growing your business by manufacturing in Vietnam.

This page is about Un Available. They are a printed t-shirt maker in Ho Chi Minh City that specializes in both knit and woven streetwear apparel. I can introduce you to them and many other factories in Vietnam. Read about their production below.

I offer services like factory introductions, factory visits and quality control. Contact me to start working with printed t-shirt makers in Vietnam.
Un Available is a printed t shirt maker in Ho Chi Minh City that has three unique selling points. They employ western management systems to ensure quality control and maximize efficiency. They use quality inks from Japan for in-house screen-printing. They are the only printed t shirt maker in Ho Chi Minh city that has the ability to sew both knit and woven garments. They develop and source circular knit fabrics as well as woven fabrics.

Paul, the owner, loves fabric and would be happy to show you his swatches. Contact Paul today.
Un Available Fabric Checking

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Printed T Shirt Maker in Ho Chi Minh City

Un Available's Strengths

The owners of Un Available sewing factory are British and Australian. They are a t shirt maker in Ho Chi Minh City that employs basic western practices like listening to staff before making critical decisions. They have written policies and procedures that are followed and continuously updated. They promote from within. They hold all staff equally accountable and reward overachievers. They follow the Vietnamese laws and make sure staff are paid social insurances along with their base salaries. These are a few reasons why sewers like working at Un Available and well know brands like Supreme choose them as their preferred printed t shirt maker in Ho Chi Minh City.

Un Available knows the importance of using quality inks and choose Japanese inks. Japanese inks produce vibrant colors, have great colorfastness and don’t fade after a few washes like cheaper inks do.

Un Available targets emerging fashion brands that have a wide range of garment styles in their collections. Un Available set up two groups of sewing lines. One group excels at knitted garments like tee’s and hoodies while the other group of sewing lines has expertise in making woven garments like khaki pants, board shorts and button down shirts. This is rare in Vietnam and presents challenges like additional overhead, hiring multi-skilled technicians and storing a variety of machines that are not used daily. Being able to sew both knit and woven garments allows Un Available to be a one stop shop, printed t shirt maker in Ho Chi Minh city, for fashion brands that have both knit and woven fabric in their collections. Most factories are either knit or woven factories, not both. Knit fabric vs woven fabric handles differently when sewing and they require different machines. Also, most factories in Vietnam only offer CMPT whereas Un Available offers FOB which means full service from fabric to packing.

If you are a niche brand with over the top detail requirements then consider Un Available as your printed t shirt maker in Ho Chi Minh city. If your sales are breaking out and you need to go overseas fast, then consider Un Available’s three unique selling points and contact me to introduce you to the boss. They are set up to support you with low MOQs, high quality, and trouble free production. Once they get the samples the way you want them you don’t have to lose sleep during production. You can be sure your garments will show up on time in perfect condition.

My name is Chris and I promote printed t shirt makers in Ho Chi Minh City, one of which is Un Available. They employ western management systems. They take quality control very seriously. And, they use the best inks from Japan. Below is more information about them and images of their factory and products. They are particularly good at the screen printing techniques listed below.
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Need help with velvet or direct flocking screen printing in Vietnam?

Hi, my name is Chris and I help start ups build their strategy to produce in Vietnam. I also guide experienced professionals as they build their network of printed t-shirt factories in Vietnam. Do you need help with velvet or direct flocking screen printing in Vietnam? Un Available is one of many printed tee factories in Vietnam that offers silk screening services. Hire me to point you in the right direction and get things done in Vietnam. Tap into my 10 years of experience working on the ground in Vietnam with printed t-shirt makers in Ho Chi Minh city.

Let's schedule an appointment to speak by Skype. Please follow the Calendly links and choose the best time and day for you. I available 6 times a week for free appointments and 10 times per week for paid appointments per week. I use Calendly to schedule appointments because Calendly helps manage time zone differences.

Services I offer

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Melange (heather grey) long tee made by Un Available
Un Available makes street fashion

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Meet a caviar bead printing company in Vietnam

Velvet (Direct Flocking) Screen Printing in Vietnam

are you looking for flocking screen printing company?
Flocking screen printing is also known as velvet screen printing that creates a fuzzy, soft surface by using flocks. Flocks can be natural fibers or synthetic materials like cotton, polyester or nylon. The length of flock fibers used in most applications is in the range of 0.3mm to 3mm. If you need flock screen printing in Vietnam there are many reliable experienced suppliers.

There are 2 ways of flocking. One is printing flocking by using a velvet foil. It means that your design is cut from a colored foil and then pressed onto the garments by using heat transfer. The second is blowing out millions of flock fibers or synthetic materials onto garment design where it is coated by wet adhesive. This way is known as velvet direct flocking screen printing. The flocking adhesive is plastisol or water based adhesive. First, lay down your garment on a metal plate and print adhesive onto the garment surface. You can print however many layers you want. 3-layers is the best. You should not cure your garment on the last adhesive layer. The next step is to blow out fiber flock from your garment. After that, connect a generator with 50-100kV to the metal plate where garment is placed on. It will attract the fibers toward the garment and flocking happens. Finally, use a dryer to cure your garment and remove the loose fibers by shaking or vacuuming. Remember to prepare a box to contain your loose fibers so you can reuse them next time. This is the technique used for velvet direct flocking screen printing in Vietnam.

Velvet direct flocking screen printing in Vietnam works well with 100% cotton, 100% polyester and spandex fabrics. The production cost is expensive because it requires machinery and technical know how. It can be a few thousand dollars for hand held units and tens or hundreds thousands of dollars for an automatic multicolor systems. T-shirt forums is a place where you can get helpful advice on doing velvet screen printing.

Although its production cost is high, flocking screen printing is still adopted in many different industry such as textile screen printing, decorating and house hold applicant in Vietnam.

Velvet Direct Flocking Screen Printing in Vietnam

Velvet screen print sample
Velvet (Direct Flocking) Screen Printing in Vietnam is highly technical and is very complex. Using electric current up to 80Kv (80,000 Vol) to generate the magnetic field to implant velvet into the fabric. This technology of Velvet (Direct Flocking) Screen Printing in Vietnam is quite complex and requires sophisticated equipment of and processes must be accurate to ensure quality and safety for workers in the manufacturing process.

What is a good Velvet (Direct Flocking) Screen Printing in Vietnam product? It must ensure the velvet yarn to rise upright uniformly, and can withstand at least 10 washing cycles without affecting the image quality of the products. Currently, the demand for Velvet (Direct Flocking) Screen Printing in Vietnam is still popular; however, due to its high cost, the number of orders have declined.
Velvet (Direct Flocking) Screen Printing in Vietnam is suitable for all fashion products - for men, women and children (except infants). The high-fashion brands require velvet to be implanted directly into the fabric to achieve high quality and aesthetic. A few common brands – due to price pressure - adopt the method of using velvet paper instead. This method does not achieve the highly required aesthetic and quality because the velvet might be washed off; however, that is acceptable for the low cost aspect. You can find many velvet screen printing suppliers on Alibaba.

Caviar Bead Screen Printing In Vietnam

Hi, my name is Chris and I do the marketing for a caviar bead screen printing in Vietnam. I built this website to introduce you to them. If you want to work directly with them, I will put you in touch with the decision maker. Un Available is a fashion manufacturer based in Ho Chi Minh City. They are a caviar bead screen printing in Vietnam that also excels at making hoodies, jackets, pants and shirts using both knit and woven fabric. The started as a UK brand called Marshall Artists and now make for other well know premium lifestyle brands.
Meet a caviar bead printing company in Vietnam
Caviar bead printing can easily be done by many Vietnamese screen printing companies. It is widely used for both adult and children’s clothing. From t-shirts with simple artwork to caviar beaded blouson dresses, caviar bead screen printing in Vietnam has a lot to offer your brand.

Vietnam imports beads are made from synthetic plastic resin with various colors and sizes from Taiwan, Korea and China. These beads are pasted onto the image surface of fabric in adjacent rows by a mixture of adhesive and chosen ink. They look like floating colors of caviar on your fabric surface.

If you want to do caviar bead screen printing in Vietnam, then you should know some characteristics of this technology. Firstly, fabrics that can be used with caviar bead printing are 100% cotton, 100% polyester and denim fabrics. Secondly, caviar bead screen printing does not last well. It can react with strong solvents and high concentration cleaning agents like normal wash machine detergents. Thirdly, its heat resistance is not high. Ironing at 140 Celsius or higher will cause the beads to come off. Lastly, production cost depends on custom quality requirement and number of layers. However, the price is usually high because the processing is very complicated.

Despite high production cost, caviar beard screen printing in Vietnam is still used widely because its special effect. We can use transparent beads to animate reflective effects. In addition, it can also create a very interesting tactile surface for fabrics with various colors, shapes and sizes. If you want to know steps and tips to do caviar bead screen printing clearly, check out Unionink website.

Caviar Bead Silk Screen Printing in Vietnam

Ask me about Caviar Bead Silk Screen Printing in Viet Nam
Caviar bead silk screen printing in Vietnam is another kind of printing in Vietnam used for both adult and children's fashion products. Caviar bead used in caviar bead printing in Vietnam is made from synthetic resin particles with a variety of colors and sizes. The beads are located adjacent to each other in colorful ‘fish eggs’ patterns projecting clearly on the fabric surface in order to get the best look.
Main characteristics of caviar bead printing in Vietnam is that it is not durable, does not last well with strong solvents and other harsh cleaners. Caviar Bead Printing in Vietnam requires drying temperature of 130ºC to 160ºC and heat resistance of less than 140ºC with the care instructions of cannot be ironed directly on the printed image. The cost of caviar bead silk screen printing in Vietnam is high depending on the number of colors and the complexity of the patterns of a printed image.

This is one of the easiest ways to make caviar bead screen printing. Please check it out on Youtube.

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